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Password Manager is a program that lets users take a load off while it simplifies account information interactivity with a few small steps during the process. It's all about building a database of your most frequently used accounts and passwords on a multitude of browsers, instant messaging services, and other program types, and also allows for multiple users and some pretty impressive password encryption algorithms, and the Link It feature is great. Drag the target and register programs, websites, or IM services which utilize a password and set it up. They have a 12 step features preview before you get to use the program that show what it's capable of, which also reminds you of registration and/or purchasing at the end. What's not to like about that, right? If certain aspects of Password Manager hadn't been so difficult to discover and maintain, I might have had a better opinion.

Password Manager Accounts Page

Maybe I'm being too harsh here. I mean, it is a V1.0 build, and it still has potential in the future to grow up and be entirely different. But why am I irate? I installed the program effortlessly. It is a no-brainer program if you know how to click a button and set up a few lines of who, what site or program, and your password, and I did my time and built a little database of my own favorite sites, programs and passwords, but not that big of one, because it's buggy. PC Tune-Up is their main seller, and it is a good program, and it would be a good idea for the team over at Large Software to stick with their guns on that aspect and invest their time and efforts into sensible, well built programs that can look good and work well without falter.

Password Manager Accounts Page

The Password Manager Autofill Engine 2.0.39 add-on for Firefox is redundant. There's a process called Chrome Registry, in which all add-ons for Firefox need to pass to become a utility for Firefox. I kept getting a Chrome Registry error, time and time again, which means somewhere down the line, they failed in the registration process, and all database building for Firefox was particularly hard to set up without a functioning add-on, if at all, until serious troubleshooting was done, which meant I had to register everything through the actual program and not through the utility built for Firefox. It would reject the website information setup wizard entirely, even running as Administrator on Vista, and after all information had been given to register the site accounts, links, and passwords. After some hassle of disabling the add-on, re-enabling it, attempts at updating, removal, reinstallation, and repeated restarting of both my computer and Firefox, it worked. It was disheartening to spend this much time tweaking a program that should have functioned properly from the first run, on. This program just needs more development time for Firefox stability, or perhaps overall, and it will be more suited to the needs of the market share that use it. Though, I can say this, after managing to get it to work with Firefox, I can say it works on everything I've set it up with, and it never failed with Internet Explorer or any other program Password Manager is capable of working with.

Password Manager Settings

Let me say, though, that Password Manager is a solid program if you've got the patience to put your efforts into it. I just may not have been patient enough with it. Well, I wouldn't say that. I invested a few solid hours looking at the features of the program, creating my list of websites, programs, and instant messager passwords, which is simple enough for anyone to do, and also trying to figure out what the deal was with the lack of function with Firefox. I do like the program, however, it's an understatement that this program needs work, and yet I look forward to see what they do with their next revision. Maybe then, they will get it right and it will be worth the buy.


Microsoft’s Silverlight (a direct competitor of Adobe’s Flash) got its third version released. This is ahead of the originally planned release date.

Since MS pushed Silverlight out the door there have been many companies that have adopted the new standard. One of the biggest was the adoption by Netflix for use in its streaming player.

This new version brings in over 50 improvements including adding support for Microsoft’s Smooth Streaming and GPU acceleration (I bet the gang at nVidia are happy)

Smooth Streaming is probably going to have the biggest impact as it can allow for streaming of 720p video with no buffering. This is simply an amazing feat and one that is being integrated into the Zune HD and was used at the Jackson Memorial.

If this new version of Silverlight is any indication Adobe has its work cut out for them.

Grab Silverlight 3.0 here


Windows Vista one of best operating System as per Microsoft claim didn’t got upto users expectations. Even after Windows Vista came with lots of new features, totally new graphics and look but still couldn’t got Users Attention.Recently Lots of news and rumors have been surface on the internet about Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 7.

One more Big News About Windows 7 Build 6519 Milestone 1 Leak is here.

We can see there are many windows 7 leaked screenshot but what if you get to know that even windows 7 build 6519 got leaked out?

Well yes news is started spreading like virus about leaked Windows 7 Build 6519. The claim is made by rslog. The size of WIndows 7 Build 6519 Milestone 1 is about 2.19 GB

Features of Windows 7


Windows 7 will make it easier for users to find and use information. Local, network and Internet search functionality will converge.

More Secure

Windows 7 will include improved security and legislative compliance functionality.

Better Connected

Windows 7 will further enable the mobile workforce. It will deliver anywhere, anytime, any device access to data and applications

Lower Cost

Windows 7 will help businesses optimize their desktop infrastructure. It will enable seamless OS, application and data migration, and simplified PC provisioning and upgrading.

Download Windows 7 Build 7068 x86 (32-bit) ISO DVD Torrent.


Today it’s going to be Google Chrome Day, With Every second some one writing about Google Chrome, A buzz about Google Chrome has been already started building in Blogosphere.

Google Chrome is now available for Download and many users have already started using Chrome. One thing which I didn’t liked about Google Chrome Downloader is it’s Online Downloader. Meaning you need to have internet connection every time you need to reinstall Google Chrome.

Don’t you think it would be better to have Standalone Offline Installer of Google Chrome? Well don’t worry here is link for downloading Offline Standalone installer of Google Chrome.

Google Chrome

Size of Google Offline Installer is about 7.35 MB

Download Offline Standalone Installer of Google Chrome.


Most of the browser now comes with built-in download manager to support resume download feature. However default download manager of browser are not every efficient in managing file downloads and you must use third party download manager like flash get.

Unfortunately you can’t carry flash get download manager in your Portable USB drive for that here is Portable Download Manager USB Flash Drive or any other portable device. One of the advantages of this version is the fact that it doesn’t leave any left over files or registry entries on the computer being optimized.

Features of Portable Download Manager

1. Supports Http & Https links

2. Can download audio and video stream

3. Download from FTP servers, Real Media and Microsoft Media stream servers.

4. You can browse zip and rar files with portable download manager before actually download that file.

Download Portable Download Manager for USB Flash drives.


What do you think is the best free text editor to open Microsoft Word (.doc) documents? In my opinion, Google Docs is, by far, the best one out there but that’s an online app.

If in any case you need to open a .doc file, when Internet is not available, Microsoft Word is the only option. Even though WordPad opens it too, but with very limited options and at times messes up the document.

Angel Writer is a free text editor that supports .doc files and comes with advance features equivalent to Microsoft Word - all packed in a freeware which is just 2MB in size.

Some of its features are:

  • Create impressive documents with graphics and tables
  • Easy interface like Microsoft Word
  • It’s fast and only 2MB in size
  • Very low memory footprint
  • It’s absolutely free to use!

Most people who purchase Microsoft Office is just because of a couple of applications they often use, like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint etc. People who just want Microsoft Word to open and make minor changes to .doc files should consider trying out Angel Writer, a Microsoft Word alternative.

You can download this free text editor from here: Download Angel Writer


I’ve always looked for the best and fastest applications I use for whatever work. And in case of PDF readers, I mostly prefer webapps for handling such documents like .DOC, .PPT etc. But for people looking for a simple desktop PDF reader, I’ve found a great app!

Sumatra PDF Reader is a free PDF reader which is really slim, light and open-source. This freeware has a very minimalistic design which has concentrated on it’s simplicity rather than adding tons of features that are not commonly used, yet serves the basic purpose of allowing users read PDF documents.

This little freeware starts up very fast and is very small in size. It has been designed for USB drives so users can carry it on any portable device.

A must-have application for those who read PDF format files a lot while on the go. You’ll don’t have to depend on web apps like Google Docs.

Download Sumatra PDF

You can download this freeware PDF reader from here: Download Sumatra PDF


Earlier today, the Opera desktop team announced the availability of the Opera 10 beta which is the latest build of the Opera browser.

This new build of Opera comes packed with a lot of new features, a fresh look and feel that is much pleasing and smoother than any of the other previous looks, and enhanced speed and performance. Plus it also marks a two-digit version milestone for the Opera browser.

The biggest new feature in Opera 10 beta is Opera Turbo. a state-of-the-art compression technology

introduced in Alpha, which speeds up the loading of web-pages and helps the users on dial up make the most out of their Internet connection.

Other features include:

  • An Interface-lift - Opera 10 has got a new look and feel, designed by a world-renowned designer.
  • New visual tabs - New version has a resizable tab bar, with thumbnail preview of open tabs.
  • Better Speed Dial - The most popular feature of Opera is now fully customizable.
  • Inline spell-checker - Opera might be late on this one but a fully featured spell-checker is finally here.
  • Developer tools - Dragonfly makes it easy for developers to test and debug their websites.

And many more.

Opera has always been praised for the simplicity it offers and perhaps with Opera 10, it will evolve into a full-featured mainstream web browser like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

The first beta for Opera 10 is now available for download for all major OS platforms including Windows, Mac and Linux. Download Opera 10 beta now.


usually when you install a new game or software, you are likely to forget or lost the original CD key that you get with the CD packing after the first install. Or sometimes you might throw the CD cases by mistake which contains the key.

If you have lost/forgotten the serial of your favourite games and now can’t find them, I have found a very interesting application that will do the job of finding the keys for you.

Find Lost Game CD Keys with Game Key Revealer

Game Key Revealer is a freeware tool that can find out CD keys and serials of installed games on your computer. It displays keys of over 500 games that can be saved as a text or Microsof Word document. You can also print them to keep a hard copy record of them. But make sure you put them in a safe place! ;)

Game Key Revealer also supports 64-bit edition games.

Download Game Key Revealer

Rapidshare Plus

RapidShare is one of most widely used popular online file sharing hosting millions of files for downloading, uploaded by users around the world. Most of the user uses free rapidshare account which has various limitations like low bandwidth, upload limit etc.

Over a period rapidshare has lost its reputation because of this limitation on free account. But still the number of files uploaded on Rapidshare is more then any other online file sharing website. One issue which users faces while downloading files from rapidshare is wait time and there is no automated program for downloading set of rapidshare files.

Here is a cool application Rapidshare Plus, which lets you to download queue of rapidshare files automatically by just providing rapidshare links. You just need to add download file Rapidshare links to Rapidshare Plus and rest of the downloading task will be done by Rapidshare Plus.

Rapidshare Plus is sort of Rapidshare Download manager for Free Account Users.

Features of Automatic Rapidshare File downloader Rapidshare plus

1) You can Add/Delete any number of Download File Links

2) You can Add Proxy server


3) Start or Stop Download Process (No Resume Option yet available)

4) Displays file download progress and over progress bar

5) Time Remaining and Time elapsed

6) Current Download Speed

Screenshot of Rapidshare File Downloader Rapidshare Plus

RapidShare Plus

Download Freeware RapidShare Download Manager Rapidshare Plus.


AUDIO/VIDEO TO MP3 MAKER is an easy-to-use tool for converting almost all kinds of audio and video files to an MP3 file. With the build-in multimedia player, you can preview the media file, set start time and end time, convert any audio section of the file to high quality MP3 file

The key features include:

  1. Convert Video to MP3, Convert AVI to MP3, VCD to MP3, MPEG to MP3, WMV to MP3, ASF to MP3, OGM to MP3, DIVX to MP3, DAT to MP3, MPG to MP3, etc.
  2. Convert Audio to MP3, Convert WAV to MP3, WMA to MP3, AC3 to MP3, OGG to MP3, MPA to MP3, MP2 to MP3, AU to MP3, AIF to MP3, SND to MP3 etc.
  3. Split MP3 file into smaller piece.
  4. Preview audio and video.
  5. Fast encode MP3 file with high quality.

Windows Media Player 11 Portable

Microsoft Windows Media Player is well known old media player comes as default media player in Windows Operating system. Though earlier version of windows media player wasn’t up to mark nor does it supported much video & audio file format, Microsoft has greatly improved windows media player 10 and above which has many new features and codec support like any other third party media player.

Windows Media Player 11 comes with windows genuine advance (WGA) validation so if your windows copy is pirated then you won’t be able to install Windows Media Player 11 without bypassing WGA activation or WGA crack however portable windows media player 11 has no WGA checks since it doesn’t require any instillation.

So you can start using Portable Windows Media Player 11 (WML 11) without entering into hassle of bypassing windows genuine advance notification activation or WGA crack and activation.

Download Portable Windows Media Player 11 for USB Flash Drive

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Password for rar file : vndownload.org

Panda internet Security 2010

Today I’m sharing a free 3 months licensed copy of Panda internet Security 2010 in collaboration with Web of Trust (WOT).

Panda internet Security 2010 is a security suite that lets you use the Internet with complete peace of mind. It protects you from viruses, spyware, rootkits, hackers, online fraud, identity theft and all other Internet threats.
To grab a free 3 months licensed copy of Panda internet Security 2010, visit the link here: Download Panda internet Security 2010


2009 Rev. SmadAV. 6 finally released to the public after the refined and tested for a month or more in the lab SmadAV. The revision this time is the biggest revision ever done in SmadAV. You could say this is the best version ever SmadAV. So many improvements have been made, the main improvement is the engine scanner, quarantine feature, registration key protection, error handling, and much more. For a more complete list please see the bottom.

In Rev. 6 times this has added detection and cleaning thoroughly local 100 new viruses, among which are many viruses spread is AlbumBokep, Yuyun, Deadlock, Fullhouse, etc.. From this moment will be more accurate SmadAV the removal / cleaning of files, document files (doc or xls) now can be cleaned from virus infection without mengkarantinanya. Rev. 6 using the scanning technique and a new heuristic faster and more accurate for detecting viruses existing in the database and the new variant virus.



PDFZilla | 5.74mb

Convert PDF files to Word Documents, plain text, images, html files or flash.

PDFZilla is a simple application which help users to quickly convert PDF files into editable MS Word Documents, Rich Text Documents, Plain Text Files, Images, HTML Files, and Shockwave Flash SWF Files. PDFZilla supports most of popular formats: DOC, RTF, TXT, BMP, JPG, GIF, PNG, TIF, HTML, SWF formats.

Here are some key features of "PDFZilla":

· Convert PDF to Word

· Convert PDF to Word with all text and Graphical data.

· Convert PDF to RTF

· Convert PDF to Rich Text Files. You can edit all text and graphic by Windows Wordpad.

· Convert PDF to TXT

· Convert PDF to plain text files. You can edit text by Notepad.

· Convert PDF to Images

· Convert PDF to BMP, JPG, GIF or TIF files.

· Convert PDF to HTML

· Convert PDF to HTML files and automatically generate the Index file.

· Convert PDF to SWF

· Convert PDF to Shockwave Flash Animation files which can be published on websites.

· Page Selection

· Convert all the pages, or partial pages of PDF file.

· Easy to use software

download here


Download Advanced Registry Doctor Pro 9.0

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro is capable of scanning for, diagnosing and curing multiple registry problems, which averts possible malfunctions and crashes, and significantly improves the speed of computer loading and performance. In addition, the program comes with a set of advanced options, like registry defragmenting, built-in scheduler, backup and restore feature, history log and many other perks - a registry toolkit, for example.

Advanced Registry Doctor Pro is one of the best tools which allows you to keep your registry in good shape. It will scan your system for errors and trash, search for solutions and analize them, finally it will rejuvinate your system back to life by correcting erroneous entries. Still correcting errors is good, but when you apply some changes to registry the old information won't be gone immediately, it will still stay in the registry file, you just won't notice it. This is how the registry becomes a digital dump. To avoid this problem ARD Pro provides you with the defragmentation/backup tools which will help your registry to acquire a linear structure and get rid of various garbage it contains.

This version of software looks through the following data for possible “registry spoilers”: application paths, uninstall information, COM/ActiveX objects, help files, file extensions, font files, most recently used files list, shared DLLs and folders, startup applications, Windows/MS-DOS Shortcuts. The automatic cure options means that any person, regardless of his or her PC literacy level can solve registry problems by simply pressing a button. Advanced users can opt to make registry changes manually.

ARD can bring some of the dead links back to life. For example, that is if you’ve accidentally moved your files (font files, help files, shared folders, shared DLLs, etc) to some other place. The main point of using ARD is that it will do the entire job for you; you just have to select which problems to search (categories) and HDD list, which will be used by the program for finding solutions. Usually you'll have to use ARD when new program is installed/removed.

download here

IM Lock Professional 2.0

Download IM Lock Professional 2.0

IM Lock Professional screenshot
IM Lock is a powerful Instant Message Blocking software for home, education, and small business. IM Lock was created to protect internet users from the new dangers posed by instant messaging (IM). Instant messaging has become the new access vehicle of choice for hackers, worm virus writers, identify thieves, online predators, and cyber stalkers. IM Lock is specifically designed to prevent these threats at homes or organizations that have 1 to 50 computers. Beyond virus protection, IM Lock provides other important benefits. IM Lock can save business money by reducing the time employees spend on unproductive internet activity. IM Lock also protects children. Instant messengers provide millions of strangers instant private access to children, and allows children to immediately disseminate personal contact information. In addition to Instant Message Blocking, IM Lock optionally blocks internet browsing, P2P filesharing, streaming media, music downloading, and other category types. Block messenger, block im, block Internet Explorer, block MSN Messenger, blocking software, block Yahoo Messenger, block chat, blocking messenger, block download, block Streaming, messenger block, blocking messenger, web filter, block P2P, block Skype, block IE, Stop Chat, block instant messaging, Stop IE, block chat, im block, stop im, im blocker, block p2p, messenger blocker, P2P blocking, messenger blocker, block instant message, block instant messaging, blocking instant messaging, Stop Yahoo Messenger, im blocking, url blocking, block P2P, block download, im blocker, internet blocker, Stop Internet Explorer, content filter, block instant message, block yahoo messenger, instant message blocking, stop instant messaging, im block, block Chat Rooms, block AOL Instant Messenger, block ICQ, Block eMule, Stop P2P, Block iTunes, P2P Block, blocking instant messaging, Stop AIM, messenger blocking, stop msn messenger, Stop MSN Messenger, control instant messaging

download here


Zemana AntiLogger | 5.09 MB

Zemana AntiLogger

Anti-Logger, developed to deal with different kinds of malware threats, protects your banking passwords, private emails & chat conversations from spying proactively without needing a signature-based algorithm and includes powerful, anti-action methods.AntiLogger prevents all known forms of malwares which intend to carry out information theft. As AntiLogger uses a proactive and a unique way to detect potentially harmful applications which have not already been recognized or identified by any anti-virus programs consequently, it protects your 'Information Security' from a range of threats.Modules: Anti-SSL Logger, Anti-WebCam Logger and Anti-ClipBoard Logger are the first security solutions developed in the world. Also, you will realize that these modules have the best features if compared to similar applications.Anti-KeyLogger Module provides a new powerful protection against keyloggers which have not been even caught by known, the most popular security softwares in the world.

Here are some key features of "Zemana AntiLogger":
· Anti-SSL Logger Module that provides protection against SSL Logger
· Anti-WebCam Logger that provides protection against WebCam Logger
· Anti-Key Logger Module that provides protection against Key Logger
· Anti-Screen Logger that provides protection against Screen Logger
· Anti-Clipboard Logger that provides protection against ClipBoard Logger
· System Defence Module that protects your system

What's New in This Release:
· Adds a quick-block module, support for two new languages, and fixes a few bugs.

Reference: Homepage

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